Curricula Vitae

Andrew T. Freeman
14521 6th Ave. NE
Shoreline, WA 98155-6943


·  (In Progress) Professional Masters in Computational Linguistics. University of Washington, Estimated completion: December 2009.

·  PhD Departments of Linguistics and Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan, June 2002. Title of dissertation: In Search of a koiné in Sana'a

·  MA Near Eastern Studies (Arabic Linguistics), University of Michigan, December 1996.

·  BS Computer Science, (Cum Laude) San Francisco State University, 1987

·  AA, (honors) Ohlone Junior College, Fremont, CA., Computer Programming - 1983


English and Arabic: (Modern Standard Arabic, Classical Arabic, and Yemeni, Moroccan, Egyptian and Palestinian dialects of Arabic)

French and Hebrew: I have a good reading knowledge of these languages.

I have also studied: Akkadian, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Awards, Honors and Fellowships

  • Rackham Pre-Doctoral Dissertation Writing Fellowship, September 2001 - August 2002.
  • AIYS grant to study the possibility of a Yemeni urban koiné for my Ph.D. dissertation, starting in January - December, 2001 .
  • Foreign Language Area Studies Grant (FLAS), September 1998 - April 1999.
  • American Institute for Yemeni Studies (AIYS) grant for intensive study of Yemeni Arabic, at the Yemeni Language Center in Sana'a, Yemen, May-August 1998.
  • The Richard P. Mitchell Memorial Prize, April 21, 1998
  • The Washington University in St. Louis' Advanced Arabic and Islamic Studies Intensive Spring Semester Abroad at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez, Morocco Fellowship, Jan. 6, 1997 - June 3, 1997
  • Scholarship, University of Michigan Business School for "Business Arabic" summer program 1996.
  • "Ernest N. McCarus Award for Excellence in Arabic", Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan, April 16, 1996.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics using Prolog and Lisp programming languages.
  • I am an amateur videographer with 200+ hours studio experience, and I have produced several half hour videos for Public Access Television.

Conference Presentations

  • "Cross Linguistic Name Matching in English and Arabic," in Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Main Conference, June, 2006, Association of Computational Linguistics, New York, New York.
  • "What is a Word?", at The Processing of Arabic, Organized by Faculty of Letters, Department of Arabic, University of Manouba, April 17-20, 2002, Tunis, Tunisia.
  • "Why there is no Koine in Sana'a, Yemen" 16th Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics of the Arabic Linguistic Society. March 1-2, Cambridge, UK
  • "Brill's POS tagger and a Morphology parser for Arabic", 39th Annual Meeting of Association for Computational Linguistics & 10th Conference of the European Chapter, Workshop on Arabic Language Processing: Status and Prospects, July 6, 2001, Toulouse, France.
  • "A Working Model for Diglossia: How can we accommodate the Arab perception that Arabic is a single linguistic system?", Association Internationale de Dialectologie Arabe, April 5, 2000, Marrakesh, Morrocco.
  • "The Arabic-American Speech Community in Metropolitan Detroit: as heterogeneous as Detroit itself", NWAVE-28, October 16, 1999, Toronto, Canada.

Book Articles

  • "Tabi'at al-Lugha al-'arabiyya wa Tatawwurhaa (The Nature of Arabic and its Development)", Translated by Dr. Hamza Ben Qablan Al-Mozeiny in Diraasaat fii Taarikh al-Lugha al-'arabiyya. Dar Al-Faisal Al-Thaqaafiyya, Al-Ryadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2000

Professional Organizations

  • Linguistics Society of America
  • Association for Computational Linguistics
  • Association Internationale de Dialectes Arabes
  • American Institute for Yemeni Studies
  • Middle East Studies Association


Work Experience

  • PartTimeOnCall, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Mitre, Oct 2008 – present. Part-time & telecommuting from Seattle, WA.  I write assorted language processing software that focuses on
    • extracting Arabic language data from Arabic language texts. 
    • evaluating assorted text processing systems
  • SDE, Microsoft, Redmond, WA.  May 2006 – present.  Using  c++ and Win32/ COM API implement software for the Windows Media Player application that runs on the Windows Mobile platform.
  • Part-time Java programming language instructor, University Prep, Seattle, WA.  September 2005 – June 2006.
  • Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Mitre, Washington, DC & telecommuting from Seattle, WA.  I wrote assorted language processing software that focused on extracting Arabic language data from Arabic language texts.  July 2004 – May 2006.
  • Lecturer in Modern Standard Arabic at the University of Seattle in Washington.  I taught one 5-unit section of Beginning Arabic, one 5-unit section of Intermediate Arabic using Al-kitaab fii Tacallum Al-cArabiyya.  I usually taught one other content or language course and supervised two graduate Teaching Assistants.
  • Graduate Student Instructor in Elementary Modern Standard Arabic 101, Fall 2000 at University of Michigan
  • Programmer/CALL developer, for Dr. San Duanmu, Program in Linguistics, U of M Ann Arbor, 6/2000 - 8/2000
  • Arabic Web-page consultant, Transparent Language, 5/2000 - 6/2000
  • Graduate Student Instructor in Elementary Modern Standard Arabic 101-102, for 1999-2000 school year at University of Michigan
  • Computer-Aided Language Learning developer, for Dr. Raji Rammuny, Dept. of Near Eastern Studies, U of M Ann Arbor, 9/98 - 6/99
  • Linguistics Field Worker, for Dr. Lesley Milroy in Program in Linguistics at the the University of Michigan., 5/99 - 9/99
  • Graduate Student Instructor in Elementary Modern Standard Arabic 101-102, for 1997-1998 school year at University of Michigan
  • Software Engineer, Automotion , Inc. Ann Arbor, MI, 7/96 - 10/96
  • Arabic Desk-Top Publishing, Dr. Raji M. Rammuny in Dept of NES at the .U. of M., off and on from 9/95 through 6/99
  • Software Engineer, NetExpress , Inc. & sucessor CMC DataComm Inc, Foster City, CA, 9/92 - 6/95
  • Firmware Engineer & QA Manager, Cygnet Technologies (Everex),Berkeley, CA, 94710, 8/87 - 8/92
  • Computer Programmer, San Francisco State University Foundation, SF, CA, 1/87 - 8/87
  • Software QA and Programming, Telelearning, SF, CA, 6/86 - 1/87
  • Assembly Language Programmer, Pinpoint, Oakland, CA, 8/85 - 9/85
  • Computer Operator, Zenith Dist., Co., SF, CA, 8/84 - 8/85
  • Computer Operator, IBM. San Jose, CA, 3/83 - 8/83
  • Computer Lab Assistant, Ohlone Junior College, Fremont, CA, 11/82 - 3/83
  • Computer Operator, G.A. Smith and Co., Santa Clara, CA, 7/82 - 10/82
  • Warehouse Worker, Hussman's Refrigeration Corp., Fremont, CA, 3/80 - 9/82
  • Dock Worker, De Anza Trucking, San Leandro, CA, 8/79 - 2/80
  • Computer Operator, G.A. Smith and Co., Santa Clara, CA, 9/77 - 12/78
  • USAF, Computer Operator, 8/73 - 8/77

Computer Skills:

High Level Programming Languages:

c++,  perl, Java, c#, javascript, Prolog, Fortran, c, Pascal, Basic, Common Lisp, Modula-2, Cobol, soar

Assembly Languages:

6502, 8051, 8085, 8086, 68000, MicroChip 17c44, IBM 360 macro assembly and Macro-11 (PDP 11/70)

Professional Engineering Applications for which I have written code:

  • Windows mobile COM API wrapper for SQL CE database.
  • RS232 asynchronous serial communications, on the PC, the Macintosh and embedded applications
  • Public Switched Telephone communications
  • Device drivers for MTOS real time kernel
  • Firmware for AT command set "smartmodems" and FAX modems
  • Creating portable ROM-code for multiple platforms
  • Creating test scripts using in-house script language
  • Writing c code to automate engineering testing
  • Servo-control for electrical motors using Proportional-Integrational-Derivative algorithms